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Hello friends, welcome to you in today’s article, in this article we will know that <3 meaning Friends, maybe someone has sent this number to you, that’s why you are reading this article. So today’s if it is going to give you this knowledge what does <3 mean. <3 meaning in chatting

<3 ka matalab kya hota hai

Friends, as you have seen above that this number has been sent to you by a boy or a girl. Now you are confused that what does it mean, then friends, we tell you clearly that it means to love. , This symbol is related to love, it is a relation between two hearts. <3 meaning


<3 meaning – ( Love ) , I Love You

Let’s also know why this is like this. as you can see is greater than 3 So here it means that the 3 words of love, I love you, are very big for you. That is, it is 3 words more than all other words, so <3 is used.

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<3 meaning in Instagram

Friends, this type of word is also used during chatting in Instagram, you must have seen that this number is used in many Instagram reels, photos, videos.

<3 means – Love

So even there it means the same, it means with love, if we take out its meaning, then we have also told above that I have to say 3 words for you, that is I love you.

<3 meaning in chatting from girl

This word is used in many ways, it is used on Instagram Snapchat as well as on WhatsApp. And its meaning is only one and that love if the girl sent this to you then she loves you or she has feeling for you.

<3 meaning in chat from boy

Same if you are a girl then if the boy sends this to you then he has a lot of respect and love for you in his heart. That’s why he is showing his love like this.

<3 meaning in social media

In fact, nowadays it has become a trend to show love through numbers, continuously giving too much information in short words is also a trend. It is increasing a lot due to social media that seeing a small signal, we say a big thing, so in today’s time it is going on a lot. <3 meaning

You can use this type of trade even more, we are writing below and you read the article and understand what they mean.

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