Meaning of F2F

Know the meaning of F2F in just 10 seconds


As we are moving forward in the Internet, we are seeing that many words have come in short forms. Similarly, in today’s time, a very big word has started being called in a small form. You will definitely find a shortcut form for every big word. Similarly today there is a short form f2f we will know its meaning. the meaning of F2F

Actually, when we chat on WhatsApp chatting or any platform of the Internet, then the person who is chatting with us He uses different shortcuts, so we get confused as to how to read it now.


There are many words that we do not know the meaning of such as what is the meaning of LOL Then when we go to the internet, we come to know that LOL means Laugh Out Loud.

So some similar shortcuts also include an F2F, we will also disclose this in today’s article. Must read this article very carefully so that you know what F2F means.

Meaning of F2F

So if now we go to what is the meaning of F2F । We come to know that F2F means Face to Face. Whenever someone sends you F2F message on chatting So it means that he wants to talk to you face to face.

What does mean F2F

Friends F2F means face to face, if you are talking to your HR And if he sends a message like this, it means that he wants to meet face to face. Or maybe wants to make contact with you by making face to face video call.

Friends, in this way you know what is the meaning of F2F. The Internet is full of such words This type of shortcut words are used a lot in chatting That’s why you can also read the words given below so that you can understand them further.

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