Top 10 most used spanish slangs and meaning

Top 10 Most Used Spanish Slangs And Meaning


Hello friends, welcome to this article, in this article we will know what are the Spanish slangs. Which has been used the most. You must read this article in full So that you can know which are the Top 10 most used spanish slangs and meaning that you can use during your chatting.

note that slang can vary among Spanish-speaking countries and regions, so some of these terms may be more commonly used in certain places. It’s always a good idea to consider the context and the people you’re interacting with before using slang words.

Let’s know about all these 10 slangs one by one. Let’s start with the first slang which is most commonly used during Spanish chatting.

1. Chido/a Meaning

Now, if you have seen this word somewhere during chatting, then you will be confused as to what it means. So friends, if you see the meaning of this, then it shows that you are very cool and awesome.

Chido means – Cool, awesome

Example: “¡Esa fiesta estuvo muy chida!” (That party was really cool!)

2. Jato/a means

Friends, now we come to our second most used Spanish slang. , Which we call something Jato/a. If someone has used it during chatting or talking then it means – House, home.


Any sends you this word from now onwards, then you will understand what is meant by home or residential place.

Example: “Vamos a mi jato a descansar.” (Let’s go to my house to rest.)

3. Chamba spanish meaning

Reader, now if we throw light on our 3rd word, then this word is – Chamba, you must be confused what it means.

So this is a spanish slang word which if spoken in easy language means – Job, Work Let’s understand through example.

Example: “Estoy buscando chamba.” (I’m looking for a job.)

4. Guagua spanish slang

Guys, if you have seen this word somewhere and you are confused, what does it mean? So guys this is a word picked up from a spanish slangs. If you understand it in simple language, then it means bus, vehicle. Let us understand this through an example so that you can understand easily.

Guagua mean – Bus , Vehicle

Example: “Estoy buscando chamba.” (I’m looking for a job.)

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5. Maje spanish slang mean

So friends, now we know that the fifth word of Spanish language is used the most, but many people do not know what it means, so let’s know what the word Maje means.

Friends, if you understand in simple language, then it is called – Dude , Guys

Let’s understand IS in easy language with an example. Example: “¿Qué pasa, maje?” (What’s up, dude?)

6. Papaya Spanish Slang

Friends must have seen this spanish slangs somewhere and if you are confused what is the meaning of papaya Spanish slang Then you’ll know why we ship again and again.

Papaya Spanish slang means to get things done easily or without any effort

Example: “Eso es pan comido, pura papaya.” (That’s a piece of cake, really easy.)

7. Jato meaning in spanish

Friends, now we know about the most used Spanish slang. Whether you have seen anything or not, this slang is probably used the most. So let’s know what it actually means.

it is called friend or best friend in Spanish, if someone has sent you jato, then he is your closest friend.

Example: “Voy a salir con mis jatos esta noche.” (I’m going out with my buddies tonight.)

8. Macizo spanish slang

So, now we will know about our spanish slang number eight, if someone is repeatedly sending you Macizo through chatting And you are not able to understand what it means then today we understand you.

Friends, it means – very attractive and beautiful such a face which you find very beautiful, we call it macizo in Spanish slang language. Let us understand through an example.

Macizo/a: Attractive, good-looking.Example: “Ese actor es bien macizo.” (That actor is really good-looking.)

9. Pisto spanish meaning

if you do not know what is the meaning of pisto, then in this we will know what it is called in Spanish language, friendship is called in Spanish language – money

Example: “No tengo pisto para salir hoy.” (I don’t have money to go out today.)

10. Chévere Spanish word meaning

So friends now we come to our last word which is something like this Chévere. If you do not know its meaning, then we explain it to you in brief.

Friends, it means great, very good, fantastic if you have done a very good job, then the person in front can address you as Chévere.

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